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Finally, It is here!


We have always heard from our customers that it is hard to visualise what their kitchen is in fact going to look like.  Therefore to assist in visualising your new Kitchen, in the past we would have shown you photos, following that we invested in the industries leading design software enabling us to produce 3D images. Now, we have taken it one step further, you can visit us at the Mr Cabinets showroom and TEST DRIVE your new kitchen.

Like you test drive a car before you buy it, why not test drive your kitchen!



In this 100sqm, purpose built showroom, we have different styles of cabinets on casters, which allows us to create any type of kitchen layout you can think of and we didn’t stop at cabinets. We have appliances on casters including, Fridges, Sinks, Ovens etc enabling you to achieve a realistic feel for layout, functionality and space within your soon to be brand new kitchen. The DYNAMIC SPACE inspired kitchen has all the functionality ideas you could ever want. It has been colour coded so that designing your kitchen comes down to 5 simple zones,  Non-Consumables Consumables Cleaning Cooking  &   Preparation . This allows you to place all the items that go into your kitchen in their most functional areas. We also believe you will be impressed by our ability to project your 3D colour design on the wall making the entire room feel just as it would at home.